Current Trends In The Short Term Employment Sector

There was a time in the long distance past when temporary work was looked down upon. It was for the unfortunate. Those who could not find permanent jobs and could only land temporary assignments for short periods of time in one place or another. Temporary jobs were also considered to be close to menial labor. As a result, temporary jobs were considered for the downtrodden, lowly qualified personnel while the more prestigious jobs were guaranteed to the permanent workers and employees. Today, however, that mindset has changed a lot.

How short term jobs are sourced

Companies are looking at a new way at short term assignments and roles. Accordingly, people who are coming on board with short term assignments are usually qualified and trained for the position. For these reasons, more and more companies are turning to temp recruitment agencies instead of simply putting up ads in newspapers or hiring in an adhoc manner. Accordingly, the people who are employed in these assignments usually have the skill, experience and exposure that the companies seek.

Short term assignments are preferred

Gone are the days when people sought out government jobs that would offer them a portion till retirement and that ensured job security for life. Though job security is still a much wanted commodity in the job market, employees themselves are usually not prepared to stay on long term with a company. The need has arisen for trying out diverse assignments take on different roles and responsibilities for which employees prefer to change jobs frequently. Companies are thus turning to the temp recruitment agencies for staffing solutions.

High level of short term assignments

Gone are the days when menial roles were offered to temporary workers. Repetitive tasks and those which brought on boredom and lack of learning were usually assigned to temporary workers while the analytical and challenging job roles were preserved for the permanent employees. However, the business conditions are changing across the globe and many businesses realize the need to evolve their structure and working with the changing market scenarios. With job roles and responsibilities becoming more fluid, the differential between short term and long term assignments is dissolving as well.

Easy reach to staffing solutions

Before the job market was fragmented and the right kind of talent pool was hard to source through easily. Today, with the plethora of staffing solution providers in the market, companies simply need to tie up with the right company in order to get experienced personnel as and when they need them. For these reasons, temporary personnel recruitment has become easier and a viable source of meeting emergency personnel needs as and when they arise. Liaison staffing providers work with their clients to provide manpower as and when required, training and assistance with payroll and other administrative matters as well.